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Finger-nailed it and toe-nailed it to be exact.

We don’t mess about creating Picasso’s and Rembrandt’s on your fingers and toes. We stick to making your nails healthy. And then we make them beautiful. Cause, you know, beautiful is kinda the whole point!

Whether you need some alone time, or you wanna book time with your besties, we have your back. Well, technically we’ll have your nails, but if you want your back covered, just book a massage with our spa. Then, your back can be covered too.

How can we nail it for you?

Manicure 35
Shellac Mani 60
Men’s Mani 30
Child’s Mani 30
Pedicure 65
Spa Pedi 95
Men’s Pedi 55
Child’s Pedi 45
Parrafin Dip 15
Polish Change (fingers) 25
Polish Change (toes) 40
Acrylic 80
Fill 55
Soak Off 10