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The single best way to relieve stress is…wine. Just kidding, it’s a massage. If you feel like a circus contortionist stuck in some ridiculous human pretzel pose, it’s time for a massage. Come in feeling like Quasimodo and leave feeling as relaxed as a pair of tube socks with no elastic.

Our better-than-wine massage services:

Custom (1 hour) 90
Custom (1.5 hour) 130
Target the Spot (.5 hour) 45
Pregnancy (1 hour) 90
Pregnancy (1.5 hour) 130
Scalp (15 min) 30

Need a better understanding of the amount of bliss in store?

Customized Massage: Take a deep breath, relax and let us customize a
massage that puts the ohhh’s and ahhh’s in place of the uhhh’s and owww’s. Whether it’s a more relaxing experience or a deeper treatment you want, you set the rules and we’ll do the work.

Target the Spot: Stiff neck? Sore calves? Tight lower back? We can work on that spot for a half hour and give you days of relief. Warning: You’ll wish you had scheduled a full hour. Casue, you know, if a half hour is worth days, an hour must be worth weeks. Right?

Scalp Massage: Everyone loves having their head gently caressed. Our 15 minute scalp massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and looking like you just rolled out of bed! No extra charge for the voluminous, teased updo.

Pregnancy Massage: There is no more deserving person of a relaxing massage, than a pregnent woman. Talk about tired and uncomfortable. This extremely relaxing massage features therapeutic techniques to relieve and relax sore, weight-bearing joints and tired, over-taxed neck and back muscles.

Because this massage is designed for pregnant women 12 weeks to term – we use strategically placed pillows to comfort and support your body where needed. (Make sure to consult with your doctor)