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Everything there is to know about it, really.

How to style it, how to color it, how to straighten it, how to curl it, wash it, dry it, shorten it, smooth it, perm it, lengthen it, thicken it, thin it, (breath) frizz it, defrizz it, spike it, relax it, braid it, updo it, blow it, and generally just make it look amaze-balls.

We are known for our extremely talented stylists. You get the highest quality services with the most experienced providers every time you book an appointment.

What can we do for you?

Blow Out 30-55
Cut & Blow Dry 55 – 105
Cut & Color 135 – 185
Cut & Foil 175 – 225
Men’s Cut 35 – 60
Men’s Color 90 – 140
Child’s(-10) Cut 45
Flat Iron Curls 70
Updo 85
Balayage free consult
Ombre free consult
Relaxer free consult
Smoothing free consult
Perm free consult

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