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Nice to almost meet you! Our philosophy is to make your time here all about you. After all, it is YOUR time. The goal is to balance your spirit, enhance your beauty, nourish your heart and soul, and have fun while doing it. Our big lavendar house is designed to be uplifting and relaxing. So, come as you are, but leave as you want to be. Whether it’s fabulous hair, attention-getting nails, a much kneaded massage (pun), or glowing skin, we can help you feel like a million bucks. Or, actually, if you combine a few of our services you’ll feel like two or three million bucks.

Meet our awesome team.

Tonya Reid


Kim Stivers

salon manager

Mallory Czaja

hair stylist

Stacy Sumner

hair stylist

Chae Escalante

hair stylist/makeup artist

Don Robinson

hair stylist

Heather Condon


Norma Bonilla


Sydney Greer

hair stylist/makeup artist

Lesli Anaya

hair stylist

Amanda Zion

Hair Stylist

Anna Slann

Hair Stylist