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The blow dry is back.

We have been hard at work and made A LOT of internal changes to comply with safety guidelines (yours and ours). We have changed check-in procedures, removed waiting areas, spaced usable stations, changed check-out, and ceased all hugs (this one was the hardest).

What we haven’t been doing is blow-drys.

However, we have had discussions with the state board and are now going to be able to finish what we start. We will be styling your hair from cut to color to blow-out and sending you back out into the world more beautiful than when you came in.

Here is a quick overview of the new process when you come to enhance your already beautiful self:

Before you arrive:

Wear a mask (disposable if you have one – it may get color on it if you are having color done)

We are only using capes, no smocks, so please dress accordingly – especially if you are having color done.

Bring only necessary items like keys and credit card.

Come alone. We are only allowing one person inside per appointment.

When you arrive:

Put on your mask and come on in the front door.

We will take your temperature.

We will ask you to sign a waiver/questionnaire.

We will NOT be offering drinks or snacks – sorry 🙁

Thank you in advance! We will all be better for it!

You are now welcome to book here, online, if you haven’t already.


i'm a regular
no need to browse