When you hear the word "touched" do you automatically think it refers to someone's mental state? Do you look like Quasimodo as you carry every grocery bag into the house in a single trip? If so, there is only one cure for you - a massage at T.Reid and Company.


Massage Pricing

Customized Massage $90 (1 Hour), $130 (1.5 Hours)
Target the Spot $45 (1/2 Hour)
Bed Head Scalp Massage $30 (15 Minutes)
Pregnancy Massage $90 (1 Hour), $130 (1.5 Hours)

Massage Services

Customized Massage

Take a deep breath, relax and let T.Reid customize a massage that's just right for you. Whether it's a more relaxing experience or a deeper treatment desired, you're always in control. The results? You will feel like you have been on a Caribbean vacation!

Target the Spot

Whether you choose deep tissue or a more relaxing touch, this massage is just what it's name implies; you pick the spot. Just have enough time for a neck and back rub? This massage is for you. Warning: You'll wish you had scheduled a full hour.

Bed Head Scalp Massage

You've been asking and we heard you. We now offer a delicious 15 minute scalp massage that will leave you feeling and looking like you just rolled out of bed!

Pregnancy Massage

This is an extremely relaxing massage that features therapeutic techniques and uses pillows to comfort and support your body. Stress will be relieved on weight bearing joints and reduce neck and back pain. Designed for pregnant women 12 weeks to term. (Make sure to consult with your doctor)